Winter Not Done Yet

Are you ready for summer? Sorry, it appears we won’t be shaking the cool air pattern for another week or so. While it won’t necessarily be a frigid few days, our temperatures will be below average for this time of year. In fact, it might be downright cold Saturday morning with temperatures lingering in the 30’s and low 40’s. Model data has differing opinions, but the trend is definitely on the cool side. Aside from far northern Arkansas, I think most of us will avoid a freeze.

The CPC (Climate Prediction Center) has a large portion of the eastern U.S. favored for below average temperatures. This does include the Resident News Network viewing area (image above). Expect a trend in below average temperatures, possibly into the mid-month time frame.

COOL Saturday Morning

As I mentioned earlier, Saturday morning could be fairly chilly for most of us. While I do suspect our area will avoid a freeze, temperatures could dip into the high to mid 30’s. Check out those temperatures in northern Arkansas though!

This cool pattern will help aid in preventing widespread severe weather for the time being. However, that will go away, as the month of May will eventually take back over. I would expect an uptick in severe weather activity around the 15th of this month and over the days following.

The average high is around 80 degrees for the month of May in our area. For now, I think we will struggle to get anywhere close to 80 over the next week. I’ve been shocked before though and we will monitor those trends.

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