Tropical Storms and Cooler Weather

After a few days of really warm and humid weather, our pattern will undergo some changes over the next few days. We will quickly warm up tomorrow afternoon, with our usual high 80’s and low 90’s. The moisture content of the air (humidity) will make it rather uncomfortable also. However, the outer bands of Tropical Storm Cristobal will eventually progress into our region by tomorrow afternoon/evening. This will help cool temperatures down.

Cristobal could linger in the area for awhile tomorrow evening, before leaving the region completely by late Monday night. As we move into Tuesday morning, Cristobal will be gone from the area (and state) completely.

Temperatures could rebound by Tuesday afternoon with some very uncomfortable tropical humidity and heat. Luckily some rather cool and DRY air will wrap around and move into the region by Tuesday evening. Temperatures in the 70’s and very low humidity will be a rather welcome sight.

Luckily most of the rainfall and wind gusts related to Tropical Storm Cristobal will occur east of the Resident News Network region. However, mowing those yards in the morning may not be a bad idea. Thanks for following and remember you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more Arkansas weather related content!


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