We will always support free speech, and encourage opinions to be shared through a “Letter to the Editor” article. In order to do so, please follow the guidelines:

– Letters less than 350 words, Full Name, Street Address (ONLY City, or Town will be printed), and a working phone number for verification purposes

– Letters must be original in thought, and if found to be plagiarized, letters will not be published.

– Letters may be mailed to Resident 22 News, 430 Byers Road, Mansfield, AR 72944

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Accepted file types are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, minimum of 150dpi. We will not accept DOC, PPT files as images.

*Resident 22 News reserves the right to decline any event, article or submission that we feel is inappropriate to the nature of our audience, or may cause our morals, ethics, and beliefs to be questioned.

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