Solar Panel Project Moves Forward

City Council members approved a plan for the City of Greenwood to purchase 10 acres of land from Farmer’s Bank, located directly behind the Greenwood Water Treatment plant.

This land is the proposed site of new solar panels, which will supply energy to all Greenwood Municipal buildings. The price for the land has been agreed on, and a closing date is pending.

While yearly usage may vary, savings is estimated at $50-$75k per year. Furthermore, over the 30-year contract, savings are estimated at 2.5 million!

The company supplying the panels, “Scenic Solar,” were on-site October 14 preparing the land survey. Estimated completion dates are late 2020, or spring 2021.

Financial Director Tom Marsh stated that he is proud the city is reducing it’s carbon footprint and doing their part to “Go Green.”

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