Showers and Storms Possible Today

The unusual May of 2020 will continue today with a more mid-summer like pattern. While the temperatures won’t be extremely high, the dew points will! With dew points climbing into the low to mid 70’s today, the humidity will be quite uncomfortable. This warm and humid air mass will lead to an unstable air mass.

Simulated Radar (5 PM today)

Showers and thunderstorms should form by around 1-2 PM and persist into the evening hours. The severe weather threat is low today, but don’t be surprised if a few of these storms pack a punch. Heavy rainfall and gusty winds could occur.

We could also deal with some showers and thunderstorms (some possibly severe) tomorrow. Please keep this in mind for your Memorial Day plans. There is a tornado threat, but for now it appears to be on the low end. I’ll have more updates on this threat soon. Remember you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Arkansas weather related information.

-Zachary Hall

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  1. Pam Henley says:

    Is there any hail with these storms? I wish there was a hail tracker app for the Fort Smith area..
    Thank you,

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