Sewing Seeds of Compassion


AddiBelle Holloway shows off a sampling of her work, with a smile.

In uncertain times, we are all faced with uncertain thoughts. But, there are those who are utilizing their time and energy for the greater good of humanity and their community.

AddiBelle Holloway is an example of just that. The 9-year-old heard about the mask shortage and sprung into action to provide her handmade and thoughtful face masks to Doctors and Nurses.

greenwood-newspaper-face mask-covid19
Holloway senses no pressure in doing something for her community.

Holloway makes the masks from her own supplies, and Dad delivers her heartfelt and handmade product as a donation to those who need them.

“The Bible tells us to serve and love others.  This is a way I could do that.  And I have a lot of free time since we aren’t going to school and can’t play sports right now. We’ll continue providing these masks as long as people need them.”

– AddiBelle holloway

Another Greenwood resident, Teri Hicks decided to put a passion, talent and skill to work to help those in the health profession as well.

greenwood-newspaper-face mask-covid19
Teri Hicks is all smiles knowing her charitable work is being put to good use.

Hicks who recognized a need went to work immediately. “A friend of mine sent me a message with a story and a tutorial on making them. I didn’t think much about it at first and when things really started getting serious and I started seeing all the reports of health care workers not having the PPE, I knew I was about to start doing some serious sewing.”

greenwood-newspaper-face mask-covid19
Hicks models one of the many face masks she has recently made.

As an artist and crafter, Hicks had a stockpile of supplies that needed a purpose. Her product has underwent many revisions to find the perfect fit, form, and function and has made their way from Greenwood, to New York supporting the cause in high risk areas.

I think that this Pandemic is a great opportunity for Americans to shine! Working together to help our community is the greatest feeling! This is my small way of trying to make this difficult situation just a little easier and safer for those who are on the front line, scared, but doing their jobs, just as if they were heading into a real war. They are so strong and willing to do their jobs, knowing that they’re putting their lives at risk. It’s the LEAST I can do!! I won’t take a penny for any of my masks.

– Teri Hicks

greenwood-newspaper-face mask-covid19
The end product which are all donated to health professionals at no cost.

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