Severe Weather Tomorrow

While thunderstorm chances today may be slightly limited, better chances for some more organized thunderstorms could occur tomorrow morning into the afternoon. For now, the Storm Prediction Center has the entire Resident News Network under a “slight risk” (level 3 of 5) for severe weather.

Slight Risk of Severe Weather

There is some uncertainty how well these thunderstorms will remain organized as they track southeast out of Kansas. While there is a tornado potential, it doesn’t seem high. The damaging wind potential however will be there, especially if these thunderstorms remain organized.

Northwest Arkansas will be the first to experience thunderstorms, but by lunch time and beyond our chances will increase. There is a chance that storms could redevelop later in the afternoon/evening, but confidence in organization is low for now.

I’ve included a simulated radar image above, but don’t take it for the gospel. I’m simply trying to show that storms could be in place (for our area) by around noon to 2 PM. I’ll have more updates on this and remember you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more.


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