Severe Thunderstorms Tomorrow

We’re in for a really warm and humid late August day tomorrow. I’m hoping that this is the final day of 95+ degrees with significant humidity, but I’m also a realist. September and October are traditionally pretty warm around our region. Nonetheless it will be warm and humid tomorrow, this will aid in setting the stage for thunderstorms, some possibly stronger later in the day/evening hours. I’m concerned that some of the storms may be pretty severe.

Heat index values tomorrow afternoon

If you have to be outside tomorrow, please be careful. Heat index values are going to be brutal out there, especially in southern Arkansas. Here in our region won’t be much better though, with heat index values in the 110 values. Heat related illnesses can be very dangerous, take it serious! I’ve included a statewide heat index map above for reference.

I’m a little uncertain on exact timing tomorrow afternoon, but it does seem like after 3-4 PM some storms could form, especially closer to the boundary in northwest Arkansas. However, it’s possible that we won’t see any thunderstorms here in our region until after dark. I’ve included a simulated radar image above. Notice the broken cluster of thunderstorms tomorrow evening, this is from 10 PM. Don’t take the image for the gospel, I’m simply just giving you a time frame.

The storms that do move through will likely contain a bunch of rainfall, which could lead to flooding if thunderstorms train slowly over an area. Lightning, damaging winds and perhaps a tornado or two will also be possible. These thunderstorms could linger well into the night hours, so be careful if you plan on driving early Sunday morning.

I’ll have any pertinent information posted on my Facebook and Twitter (@wxzachary). Be safe and thanks for reading!


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