SCSO Warns of Scammers at Work

The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving reports of scammers seeking to steal citizen’s hard earned money. Recent reports have revealed a group of scammers using the phone number 479-221-9427, and attempting to convince people they are representing SCSO. The calls have different variations, but all have the same main emphasis.

The scammer states they work for the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office and that the caller has a warrant for missing jury duty. The scammers will also use real names of actual deputies or former deputies to try to shore up their authenticity. They offer a solution for the warrant. The person can go to a business such as Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s and purchase Green Dot or other cash movement cards. According to the scammer they can accept payment in this manner and they will be able to recall the warrant. They will ask you to stay on the phone with them as you go to the bank and withdraw money. They will also stay on the phone with you as you purchase the money cards. They do not need to have the card they just need the information on the card. Once they have that information they have the money.

SCSO will never call a citizen in reference to payment for a warrant. If anyone is in doubt please feel free to call SCSO for verification of information at 479-783-1051. Always remain vigilant concerning these types of scams as they are all basically the same but may have some variations. Recent reports have also shown scammers are identifying themselves as Social Security representatives. Always call and verify!

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Tammy Teague

Tammy Teague

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