Relief on the Horizon

It’s been fairly warm over the course of the last several weeks. It appears we could finish July and enter August with a slight shake up to the pattern. Aside from a few disturbances early this week, Wednesday through Friday looks fairly wet! I would be very surprised if everyone didn’t see some sort of rainfall at some point through Friday evening.

Estimated Rainfall Totals (Through Friday)

Rainfall totals have varied from model run to run, but the consensus is pretty good on location. I’m hoping most of our region will get a few good soaking rains. Totals seem to be on board with around 1-3 inches of rain (higher totals north of I-40) and less across southern Arkansas. I’ve included a model graphic above and circled our region.

Another benefit to the rainfall will be the cooled air mass it provides. While we’re normally in the low to mid 90’s nearly everyday, we could get some much needed relief.

I’ve included a graphic to help better represent this. These are modeled temperatures mid-day on Wednesday. While southern Arkansas is in the mid 90’s, we could be floating in the high 70’s to low 80’s thanks to a rain cooled air mass.

Don’t take this exact time frame for the gospel, but rather expect these fluctuations later this week. As always, a forecast can vary. I’m hoping the best for rainfall and some cooler air temperatures. I’m certainly ready for fall and winter!


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