Rain Making a Return

It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a widespread round of rain. While some of us have caught an isolated afternoon shower or two, most have been very dry for the last several days. Some changes are on the way though with rain chances increasing soon. While we may see a shower or two on Friday/Saturday our best chances for organized thunderstorms and rainfall will be on Sunday.

Sunday Morning (Rain Possible)

Some of us will likely wake up to some much needed rainfall Sunday morning. Most of the Resident News Network viewing area should see at least some rainfall from this complex as well. By Sunday afternoon the bulk of the complex should be moved out of the area.

We could see additional rain chances early next week as well. Also, we might catch an influx of Saharan dust across the region later next week. This could lead to some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets! I’ll keep everyone updated on that.


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