Preferential Primary Uncertified Election Results

For the past 10-12 months candidates have pounded the pavement and spent a great deal of money on their campaigns. In the end, it was up to the voters to have their say in who the winners would be.

There was one particularly close race in the Preferential Primary, State Representative District 21. Incumbent, Representative Marcus Richmond took the win with only 59 votes.

There will also be a run-off in the race for Circuit Judge District 12, Division 6 with candidates Greg Magness and Rita Howard Watkins.

Each of these races have yet to be made official, as provisional ballots have yet to be counted. Within the next few days, the numbers will be certified by the election board.

Preferential Primary, uncertified election results:

State House Representative District 21
Jim Reynolds 1,795 (49.19%)
Representative Marcus Richmond 1,854 (50.81%)

State House Representative District 74
Shawn Bates 473 (12.68%)
Representative Jon S. Eubanks 2,356 (63.16%)
Curtis J. Varnell 901 (24.16%)

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4
Barbara Womack Webb 244,145 (53.59%)
Judge Morgan ‘Chip’ Welch 211,399 (46.41%)

Court of Appeals Associate Judge, District 4, Position 2
Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Potter Barrett 41,883 (56.52%)
Emily White 32,215 (43.48%)

Circuit Judge, District 12, Division 6
Greg Magness 7,775 (40.78%)
Phil Milligan 5,393 (28.28%)
Rita Howard Watkins 5,899 (30.94%)

Circuit Judge, District 12, Division 7
Dianna Hewitt Ladd 12,091 (62.88%)
Sam Terry 7,138 (37.12%)

For more election results from across the state click HERE.

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