Police Reports: 6/25


On Thursday June 25, 2020 at approximately 10 p.m., the Greenwood Police Department was dispatched to 1438 Eastgate Circle in reference to a verbal altercation. When the officer arrived, he met with Todd Anderson, Brittany Day and her mother. The mother informed the officer that she was there to pick up Todd because he had been in an argument with her daughter. She also informed the officer that Anderson had active warrants for his arrest. After making contact with Anderson and Day inside the home, he confirmed that both parties had been in a verbal altercation and that Anderson was going to leave the home with Day’s mother. After checking with dispatch, the officer confirmed that Anderson had an active warrant for contempt, and failure to pay fines out of Fort Smith. Anderson was placed into custody and transported to the Sebastian County Detention Center without further incident.

On June 26, at approximately 9:40 a.m., a Greenwood officer was flagged down by a motorist at the intersection south of Coker Street and West Center Street. The motorist informed the officer of a brown car that was traveling in front of him, driving all over the road. The officer was able to locate the vehicle traveling in the turning lane near Goldn’ Gems Pawn, traveling westbound. The officer observed the vehicle driving erratically, driving into the turning lane, overcorrecting, traveling right over the fog line and slamming on their breaks at random times. The officer also witnessed the vehicle nearly strike the vehicle it was following on two separate occasions. The officer initiated the traffic stop, and the driver, Bettye Hill, 71, pulled over into the Reliable Poultry parking lot. Hill was advised as to why the officer had made the stop, and as he was speaking with her, the officer observed Hill as being lethargic, slow to respond, confused and having slow, slurred speech. The officer inquired if Hill was taking an prescription medications, and she responded that she took Lyrica, but had not taken it on that day. Hill produced her driver’s license, but was unable to produce a proof of insurance. After running a check on Hill, the officer found that Hill had a valid license, and no outstanding warrants. After returning to Hill’s car, the officer asked her to step out of the vehicle so he could administer the standardized field sobriety tests. Hill complied. Due to Hill’s manner of driving, her slurred speech, and her performance on the field sobriety tests, Hill was placed into custody for DWI. Hill was then transported to the police department for further testing. Hill was advised her of her DWI rights, which she signed and stated she understood. Hill was then administered a BrAC test and was given six separate opportunities to perform the test properly. During these attempts, Hill would start to blow in the machine and then abruptly stop, causing the test to be aborted. After her sixth attempt, Hill stated “I’m done” and then turned her back to the machine. Hill then received an added charge of refusal to submit to a chemical test. Hill was transported to the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center, where she was booked for DWI-2nd offense and refusal to submit to a chemical test. She also received a traffic citation for careless/prohibited driving and no proof of insurance.

On June 28, two Greenwood officers were involved in a traffic stop with multiple people on probation with search waivers on file. While speaking with the male driver, he received a phone call from the sister of his passenger. The female on the phone was screaming that her sister was not going to jail and she wanted to speak with the officers. The female on the phone then stated she was drunk and just passed the traffic stop. The
male involved in the traffic stop then asked the female on the phone if she was drinking and driving and she stated “yes, I am.” Approximately two minutes later, the officer noticed a passenger car briefly stop and slowly pass those involved in the traffic stop on Denver Street. The officer believed this was the female on the phone that had admitted to driving while being intoxicated. The officer got in his patrol unit, and while behind her, observed her traveling well over the speed limit and failing to maintain her lane. Even though the officer had his blue lights and sirens on, she failed to yield while traveling east on Denver. The driver, identified as Sasha Hamilton, 24, failed to stop until the intersection of Brentwood and Indian Hills. The officer could smell the odor of intoxicants, and Hamilton was already crying, saying “please don’t.” The officer introduced himself, and informed Hamilton of the reason for the stop. He asked for her driver’s license and for her to step out of the vehicle. Hamilton repeatedly informed the officer that “she would never do it again.” The officer told Hamilton that he heard her admit to driving drunk. After checking with dispatch, the officer began conducting a field sobriety test. Based on poor field sobriety, odor of intoxicants, bloodshot watery eyes, manner of driving and having urinating herself, Hamilton was placed under arrest and transported to the Greenwood Police Department for further testing. While at the police department, Hamilton was advised of her DWI Rights and agreed to submit to a breath test. After the 20 minute wait period, she was only able to give one sample for the machine, which registered a .15. She repeated the test, and was able to give two samples registering .135. It is to be noted that during this testing she was screaming and calling the officer names. Hamilton continued making profane and inappropriate statements toward the officer. He explained to her if they continued, she would face additional charges. Hamilton was transported to the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center, and charged with DWI 1st offense and careless driving.

**The charges against those arrested are allegations and the cases are still pending in the courts.

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