Kinslow Takes Trash Issue Personally


Photo credit: Elizabeth Kinslow Scharbor

For the last several months, the community of Greenwood has had difficulties with one of the services offered.

The city of Greenwood met two months ago about the current trash
provider. It was decided at that time that there would be a new trash
service, Central Arkansas Recycling and Disposal, starting in June. The
trash schedule will remain the same and there will be a noticeable
improvement in the trash service.

According to Mayor Kinslow, on July 1st, all Greenwood citizens will
be provided with a 96-gallon trash cart, which will make the trash
process much easier.

Mayor Kinslow sent out a notification about the new trash service
beginning their routes on Monday, June 10th and there would be a rate
increase on the citizen’s August water bill, which resulted in some
displeasure on social media.

In addition, the Recycle Center in Greenwood would no longer be
providing curbside pickup because even though most residents do
participate in the recycling effort, this new change would result in all
citizens being charged for recycling.

To accommodate the citizens being able to bring their recycling, the
Recycling Center at 104 Bell Road in Greenwood have adjusted their hours
to Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 2pm; Monday and Thursday
12:30pm to 6:30pm; 2nd Saturday of the month from 8am to 2pm. There will
no longer be a recycle service charge and the citizens may choose to
keep the current recycle bins.

There was a temporary trash service collecting the community trash
since the end of May; but from reports, there were some that was not
picked up.

In saying all of that, Mayor Kinslow made sure that all trash that
was not picked up this week was going to be picked up by Sunday June 9,
issuing a public apology on social media. Therefore, today he personally
joined those from the city today picking up the trash at the residences
that were not picked up earlier.

From reports on social media, this is nothing new for Mayor Kinslow.
Even when the Freedom Fest is going on, he will be out and about in a
costume even though it’s 100 degrees, mingling and making a difference
all over the city, which is clear that it makes a difference in people’s

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