Hurricane Laura Incoming!

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for not submitting any weather related articles in awhile. Life has been fairly busy for me lately and honestly, August weather patterns are normally pretty slow. That changes this week though as a major Hurricane is about to strike the Gulf Coast region. Hurricane Laura may not impact Arkansas as a category 3 hurricane, but it will still have a say so in our weather through mid-week.

As always timing and intensity can change with tropical systems. However, I would suspect our region to really notice the impacts of Laura by Thursday night into Friday. While the biggest rainfall/flooding concern will be east of of the low pressure center, we will still see our fair share of rainfall here in western Arkansas. Central Arkansas could get really saturated with over 6-8 inches of rainfall.

I’ve included a “simulated” radar image above as well as the latest WPC guidance for rainfall accumulations through Sunday. Don’t take the exact locations for the gospel, but for now it seems like central Arkansas could see the full force of the rainfall with amounts of up to 8-9 inches.

Gusty winds could also be possible as Laura moves through, I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw some tropical storm warnings in far southern Arkansas this week. I’ll have updates on Facebook/Twitter if anything drastic does change.

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