Greenwood Pays Tribute to Young Life Lost


Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow presents parents Roy and Brooklyn Holtz with a proclamation honoring their son by declaring July 25th as William Kidd Holtz Day.

On Monday evening, July 6 at Greenwood City Hall the memory of William Kidd Holtz was honored. The commemoration was well attended by the family as well as city officials. All were there to honor the life of William Kidd Holtz.

Holtz, born with a birth defect on July 25, 2017, passed away in February of 2018. His young life was a catalyst for the creation of the CNW Headstone Foundation.

The Foundation’s goal is to help grieving families purchase headstones for their loved ones who have passed. This charity has brought comfort to grieving families throughout the past few years.

In recognition of William Holtz’s life and to those who have been assisted by the foundation, Mayor Doug Kinslow declared July 25 as “William Kidd Holtz Day.”

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