Greenwood Parks Commission Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Parks Commission Meeting held July 21, 2020 at Greenwood City Hall:

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Commission Chair Joel Goldstein and the roll was called as follows: Cinda Bell, Kay Headley, Brandon Tate, Susan Fox, and Otis Edwards; a full quorum was present; Commission Advisor Sonny Bell was not present.

Approval of Minutes
Motion was made by Mrs. Headley, seconded by Mr. Edwards, to approve the minutes of the June 16, 2020 regular meeting; motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports
Freedom Fest Committee – None

Trails Committee – Brandon Tate updated the Commission that Dr. Brad Johnson has stepped down from the Committee and when a time comes available the committee will meet.

Tree & Plant Board – Cinda Bell reported that the Mayor requested a change to cherry tree from the elm tree that was selected to replace the dead redbuds around the square, and this change was granted by the board.
Agenda Items to be Added

McClelland Engineering – Promenade Project Mr. Goldstein asked for this to be added to first of business. Motion was made by Mr. Edwards, seconded by Ms. Bell to add this to the agenda and move it to first of business; motion passed unanimously.

Business Items
McClelland Engineering – Promenade Project – Mr. Byron Hicks, CEO of McClelland Engineering was accompanied by Mr. Andy Dibble, Project Manager for McClelland Engineering in reference to the Bell Park Promenade Phase II project which is near completion. Ms. Derry reminded the commission that Ms. Briley had sent an email to the commissioners detailing the topic of address and if needed, she could call Ms. Briley on the phone, who was not present as she felt it safest not to attend due to a possible viral exposure by an acquaintance. Mr. Hicks explained that the city’s grant on this project was not secured because of an error/oversight on their part; Mr. Hicks stated that because of that, the project would not be reimbursed via a grant that was budgeted. He indicated that due to their mistake, his company would make this project whole. He went on to describe the mission/vision values statement of his company and said that their hope is that the City would look favorably upon them in the future, and that this was the first time that something like this has happened with their involvement. He said he does not have details about when a check is written, as they are working with their insurance company at the moment, but foresees payment to be made within the following month. No action was taken. Mr. Marsh explained the details of the budgeted financials of this project and Ms. Derry pointed out that if McClelland wished to set up a payment plan instead of writing one check that would need a vote of the Commission.

Director – Appropriation of FreedomFest A&P Funding – Mr. Goldstein said that since a FreedomFest was not held, the money appropriated for that could be spent in another way. He said there is a quote for $20,000 to put up lighting at the park in the area of the Pickleball Court; he is not looking for a vote at this time. There was discussion about lighting the trail, as well and Mrs. Headley asked if there was a priority list for lighting. Mr. Goldstein said that bids need to be looked at and he would get with Ms. Briley about the trail lighting and pickle ball court lighting.

Director – Amend Purchase Price of Vehicle for Parks Department – Mr. Goldstein asked why, when the Parks Department already has a dump truck, is there a need for a $40,000 dump truck. Ms. Briley was called on the telephone and explained the need for this budgeted truck to replace the green truck that the department has and that the dump truck would be sold in the auction; and she answered several questions the commissioners had confirming that the truck ordered will meet the needs of the department. It was decided that this would not need a budget amendment.

Foundation Report

Director’s Report
Ms. Briley submitted a monthly report to the Commission.

Ms. Derry complimented the newly completed trail addition that leads up to the rock arch and caves along the bluff. Mr. Edwards expressed concern over the timeline of deciding if Fall Fest will take place or not and said a decision to be made is coming soon. Ms. Derry explained that the parks commission would need to vote on it, then the Mayor take their recommendation to the City Council for final decision. Ms. Bell suggested that the Director and organizers bring that to the Commission at a future time. Mr. Tate asked for clarification on the cost of Phase III at the Promenade. Mr. Edwards asked Ms. Bell if the Foundation is considering financial help on the north side of the park, to which she said that she believes something is being planned and has been visiting with Ms. Briley about it.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Fox, seconded by Ms. Bell; meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Sharla Derry, City Clerk/Treasurer

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