Greenwood Baptist Health Holds Covid-19 Testing Drive


By Lindsay LaChapelle

Greenwood Baptist Health held a Covid-19 testing drive on Wednesday, June 10, from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. Healthcare workers saw an impressive turnout.

Police Chief William Dawson shared that  there had not been a lull in cars lining up since the drive opened. Everyone in attendance from Medical Professionals to Law Enforcement was wearing proper protective gear, maintaining social distancing best practices and using hand sanitizer.

The testing process is quick, lasting less than 20 seconds and the entire experience from beginning to end took approximately ten minutes. Results from today’s drive will be ready in three days. It will also give health officials much better data to work with when it comes to estimating those affected in Greenwood.

While CDC officials are still working to fully understand the protections that these antibodies give, the hope is that those who do carry antibodies will have the ability to resume work and normal daily life much quicker.

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