Getting Healthy with Kelly and Kim!


Getting Healthy with Kelly Feero Phillips and Kim Kinslow.

Greenwood’s Arbonne needs have been fulfilled by Kelly Feero Phillips and Kim Kinslow for quite a while now, but these two ladies are ready to take things to the next level with classes on healthy meals and at-home fitness classes aimed at creating confidence and improving physical health at the same time.

Kinslow has already lost an impressive 100 pounds exercising and eating clean and Phillips has overcome painful back injuries. Their success has driven them to share hope, inspiration and health with Greenwood residents.

According to them, one contributor of good health is daily water consumption. “Water is so crucial for your health, everything from your skin, hair, and nails is affected,” added Kinslow.

Phillips shared another healthy tip. “Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Since everyone has had different experiences and struggles when it comes to health, every diet and fitness routine can be modified to fit the individual needs of the person.”

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