A Bulldog Christmas Parade in Pictures


The cool and damp weather didn’t slow down the 2019 Greenwood Christmas parade, it’s entries, or the spectators.

Here’s our perspective of a Bulldog Christmas….. enjoy.

Photos can be saved without copyright, permission, or fees.

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2 Replies to “A Bulldog Christmas Parade in Pictures”

  1. John and Kristi says:

    Thank you for covering this parade. We truly look forward to seeing the Greenwood Resident become what the Resident Press has come to be known for. Your staff does an amazing job and we need the same in our beloved town of Greenwood.

    Will you provide a newspaper version along with the online coverage?

  2. Trinity says:

    Just learning about Greenwood Resident, and I like what I’m seeing.
    Greenwood has been in bad need of a local and unbiased news source that are Greenwood centered.
    Kudos to you, and for the awesome photos.

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