Flood Risk Tomorrow Morning

I hate typing up articles like this, but I’m really concerned about tomorrow. After the amount of rainfall we’ve seen lately, with potential for more tonight AND tomorrow morning, things could get rough around our region. We already experienced flooding this morning and will likely experience it again tomorrow morning.

I don’t like using raw data images for the gospel, but I’m hoping the data here gives everyone a clear idea for tonight and tomorrow. Above is a high resolution data run for midnight tonight. Notice the isolated storms across west central Arkansas.

It’s possible by 5 AM tomorrow morning, thunderstorms could be advancing and widespread. Heavy rainfall thunderstorm potential is likely. Flooding could easily become an issue at this time due to the continuous rainfall.

By 11 AM, we could still be in full swing with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. If these complexes don’t space out between one another, the flooding potential could be substantial in our region.

Why is rainfall and flooding such a big risk tomorrow? Our soil is simply too saturated to contain additional rounds of rainfall, especially heavy rainfall. If you have to drive tomorrow AM, please be careful. I’m hoping these systems don’t overlap and the water has a chance to recede, especially in flood prone areas.

As always, remember to turn around and DON’T DROWN!


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