Five Summer Activities For Kids


Are your kids bored? Try these fun activities!

1. Write A Letter to Family or Friends

The ancient past time of writing “real” letters to family, friends, or pen pals has almost became obsolete. Most kids today email or text. However, I have found that receiving “snail mail” is such an excitement for kids! Once a week this summer, have your child write a letter to someone in the family or to a friend. For even more excitement, place one stick of gum in the envelope before sealing up the letter, then take a trip to the post office with your child. Let them enjoy purchasing their stamp, placing the stamp on the envelope, and mailing the letter. The first time they receive a letter in return, you will see the pure joy and excitement in their eyes! You could even let them decorate a shoe box to place all the summer letters they receive in the mail from their pen pals!

Letter written by a 4 year old to his cousins!

2. Make A Volcano

This sounds like a messy activity, but honestly it is not! It only takes a few household ingredients, believe it or not! All you need is 1 Plastic Cup, Water, Baking Soda, Dish Soap, Vinegar, and Washable Paint (not required but sure makes it fun!).

Directions: Bury 1 Plastic Cup in dirt or pea gravel. Then, fill the cup up 2/3 of the way with water. Next, add 6 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of dish soap, and 1oz of Washable Paint (whatever color you desire your lava to be). Stir all together. Then pour in 1 Cup of Vinegar to activate the lava explosion!

Making a homemade volcano!

3. Neighborhood Water Fight

Most kids within a few weeks of summer are already saying they are bored! Why not schedule a Neighborhood Water Fight? Let kids, on a rainy day, make up fliers for the event. Pick a time, date, and place! Next, pick a day that kids can go door to door, and they can pass out fliers to their friends around the block! Then, the day of the Neighborhood Water Fight, pull up a lawn chair, get a glass of sweet tea, and sit back and watch the fun begin! Plus, with adults outside watching, this helps create a safe environment for the kids and to remind them to watch for cars! Tips: If you have a kiddie pool or 5 gallon buckets, be sure and let others know that there will be refill stations for their water guns! Also, don’t forget to invite your friends who might live in the country and not in a neighborhood!

4. Create A Production

Are your kids obsessed with YouTube, especially watching videos of other kids play with toys? This has become the new fad. Well, why not encourage your kids to create their own production! This activity should be encouraged to take several weeks to plan out that way it takes time to produce. Kids can create a poster or flier of what they will call their play. Gather toys for their characters and props. They can create a script of what they will say, where they will pretend to go, and what they will pretend to do. If you have more than one child at home, siblings may decide to create a script and take turns speaking, singing or playing with the characters. Next, they can decide what music they will use in their production. If you have the means, you can also let them create a backdrop, by letting them use an old sheet and paint a scenery on it. Let them pick a day or evening they will perform that is convenient for the entire family. Then, let them invite grandparents, aunts and uncles, or their friends over to watch their production! They could even be in charge of making snacks such as popcorn for their guests. If your family lives out of town, you could create a Facebook event, and invite family to watch the kids live on your Facebook account! If your kid is struggling with creating a storyline for their production, encourage them to reenact an old story or fable, like “The 3 Little Pigs” or “Cinderella.”

5. Make A Redneck Water Sprinkler And Homemade Slip and Slide

This activity can keep the kids busy for awhile! Do you have an empty 2 liter bottle? Simply poke holes in various places in the bottl, and then attach the bottle to the water hose. Hang the new sprinkler in the tree by looping the hose over the limb. Turn on the water and let the fun begin!

To make a homemade slip and slide, you can purchase plastic in the painters’ section at Wal-Mart or the local Dollar General Store. Next, open, lay flat, and secure the plastic on a hillside if possible. You can use plastic tent stakes to secure the plastic to the ground. Next, borrow the soap in the kitchen and generously spread kitchen soap onto the plastic. Now, just use your redneck water sprinkler to keep the slide wet, and let the fun times begin! We do suggest to wear goggles while sliding if you are afraid of soap suds entering into the sensitive eyes of children. Another option for soap suds would be to use kids body wash. One plus side with using soap, bath time is taken care of, right?

Redneck Water Slide!

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