Fire Protection District Levy to be Collected on County Real Estate Tax Statements in 2021

Four Rural Fire Departments were converted to Fire Protection Districts in 2020, by County Ordinance 2020-14 (download available below).   A five member Board of Commissioners was elected for each fire protection district in a public meeting held December 1, 2020.  The five member Board of Commissioners for Big Creek Fire Department, Riverdale Fire Department, Greenwood Rural Fire Department and Milltown/Washburn Fire Department are available in the download below.

The fire protection district’s levy for 2021, to be collected on County Real Estate tax statements, are available in the download below, for review of residents residing in each of these fire protection districts.  Levies submitted as of 12/15/2020 are:

  • $50.00 residential and business for Greenwood Rural
  • $40.00 for residential, $80.00 for business for Big Creek
  • $35.00 residential and business for Milltown/Washburn
  • $25.00 residential and business for Riverdale


County Ordinance 2020-14 with attachments

Fire Protection Districts Board of Commissioners

  • Big Creek Fire Protection District
  • Riverdale Fire Protection District
  • Greenwood Rural Fire Protection District
  • Milltown Washburn Fire Protection District

Fire Protection Districts “Levy” for 2021, to be collected on County Real Estate Tax Statements

Ordinance 2017-8, 2017-10 designating fire fighting districts, with Maps

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