The Greenwood Resident – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve combined the most frequently asked question from the last year to collectively address them below. Should the below FAQ’s not answer any question you may have, you’re always welcome to utilize our Contact Us page.

What is The Greenwood Resident?
Essentially, GW Resident is a culmination of our combined passions for community, and our love for the people that make up the towns we grew up in, where our kids go to school, and those that encourage us to inspire. We take GREAT pride in being your resource for news, events, and updates regarding the places we all call home.

We are privately owned, and are not influenced by corporate media or policies that infect negative emotions.

You can also visit our About Us page.

What areas do you serve?
Centrally located, we currently cover Mansfield, Hackett, Huntington, Hartford (partially), Waldron, and their surrounding communities through our sister-site, The Greenwood Resident is solely dedicated to the immediate Greenwood area.

How do we comment on articles?
Comment on any article that posts by scrolling below the article, and notice the area where it says “Leave a Reply.”

The comment is then reviewed to ensure a positive, and contributive meaning.

How do we submit articles, events, or content for publishing?
Visit this link to learn more. It’s a simple process that can benefit your event, Church, school, or business.

Is The Greenwood Resident optimized for mobile devices?
Yes! We tested on multiple platforms to ensure that optimization was met for those who wish to utilize their mobile devices as their source of information.