Best Ideas for a Home Birthday Party


If you have a birthday coming up for yourself, someone in your family, or one of your friends, you might need some good celebration ideas. Having a party at home can be a good experience and a nice change from your normal yearly activities, especially if the birthday person enjoys a more laidback or cozy atmosphere. These are some of the best ideas for a home birthday party you could use.

Have a Video Meeting

If friends and family members are scattered far and wide, having a video meeting could be a nice way to connect for the birthday. There are many applications and websites that work on the computer or your smartphone that allow you to virtually meet up with a whole group of people. Examples include Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. Schedule a time that works for the most people and have fun catching up. The birthday song isn’t off-limits either, since you can see one another’s faces and surroundings. While on a regular day it may be difficult to talk to friends and family who live far away, a birthday can be a compelling reason for everyone to set aside a moment to be present—even if they aren’t physically present.

Watch Shows or Movies

For a relaxed time, a marathon of television show episodes or movies may be the perfect way to celebrate. The birthday person can make the selection of a series that they love to re-watch all the way through. It can add to the experience when most people are familiar with the movies or shows and have an enjoyable time quoting along with the characters and laughing at nostalgic scenes. You could also choose episodes or movies everyone present has not seen yet and sit in silence as you absorb the story’s themes. Ultimately, what and how you watch will depend on your group. Bring out some snacks and let the fun times begin.

Decorate the House

Get in a festive mood by decorating the house. There are so many ways you can approach this, but doing crafts and creating the decorations together can be a nice way for everyone to bond—especially if it’s a kid’s birthday. It can also lead to some funny reflections of the personalities of the different friends and family members as they add their own flair to their homemade ornaments. Putting up streamers, banners, balloons, and fun party lights can further work to form an upbeat atmosphere. Unlike a venue, you have more freedom in decoration, since the party is being held at home.

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