Arrest Reports 11/8


Arresting Agency – Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office:
Britni Nicole McDaniel of Greenwood was booked into the Sebastian County Detention Center on November 8 at 12:48 a.m. and released on signature bond November 8 at 4:22 a.m. McDaniel was charged with contempt – willful disobedience (failure to pay fine,) failure to appear – class C misdemeanor, and obstructing governmental operations – ID.

Arresting Agency – Greenwood Police Department:
On 11/10/20 a BOLO was placed on a possible drunk male driver that had drove through yards near the area of Boxelder Lane and Ridgecrest. The vehicle was described as a red Dodge truck that had stopped at the Eastside Gas Station with the car running. The officer located the vehicle at the gas station parking lot. The vehicle was still running and partially stopped in the parking lot and in the grass. The officer approached the driver side of the vehicle and noticed the male dazed and nearly asleep. While speaking with the driver, John Hill, 46 of Waldron, the officer noticed him to have a strong smell of intoxicants, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech that was initially nearly incoherent. The officer also observed Hill dropping his phone multiple times. The officer asked for Hill’s ID, but he was unable to produce it. He instead, attempted to give the officer his debit card. While Hill was outside of the vehicle he noticed him barely able to stand on his own without assistance from the officer or his vehicle. The officer asked Hill to do field sobriety testing but he refused. The officer also asked him if he would blow into a PBT but he refused this as well. When asked how much he had to drink, Hill responded with, “too much.” The officer also noticed Hill’s penis to be exposed while he was out of the vehicle. The officer asked him more than once to fix the situation but Hill appeared to be too intoxicated to have the motor skills to zip his pants. After Hill was placed into handcuffs for suspicion of DWI it took several attempts and great effort to get Hill into the back of the police vehicle because he was so unsteady on his feet. While on scene, another car pulled up and stated she was the witness to Hill’s manner of driving. Witness 1 gave a written statement of her account. W1 stated she came home and a red pickup was parked in the middle of the road with two kids playing in the street around him. W1 stated he wasn’t moving and the neighbor kids told her that Hill had been there for at least 40 minutes. W1 stated she called 911 and that is when Hill took off driving through several yards. W1 stated he took a left on Ridgecrest and was swerving all over the road, W1 stated Hill pulled onto Center Street and stopped in the middle of the road. After that, he pulled into the gas station. After transporting Hill to the Greenwood Police Department, two officers had to assist him out of the vehicle and help him walk into the police department. While reading and explaining Hill’s DWI rights to him he seemed unable to follow instructions of where to sign and initial. Hill stated and signed that he refused all tests. While Hill was at the police department he requested to use the restroom. While using the restroom Hill had to use his hand to keep from falling into the wall. It also appeared that Hill did not realize he was done as he then urinated on his hands and the floor. The officer then instructed Hill to wash his hands. After washing his hands, Hill then placed his hands under the paper towel dispenser, thinking it was blow drying his hands, even though there was clearly paper towels sticking out. The officer again had to instruct Hill to put his penis away as he did not appear to realize it was again outside his pants. After the 20 minute observation period, Hill still refused to blow into the BAC machine. Hill was transported to Sebastian County ADC without incident. While at Sebastian County, the officer witnessed Hill become confrontational with deputies and refuse to follow instructions with them but no hands-on force was required. It is to be noted that while being booked in, Hill again did not realize his penis was outside of his pants. Hill was charged with driving while intoxicated – third offense, and refusal to submit.

On 11/11/2020 at approximately 1:15 p.m. a Greenwood officer ran an Arkansas license plate while traveling eastbound on W. Denver. The registered owner of the vehicle, Jeffory Allen, 41 of Booneville, was showing to have two possible warrants for his arrest. The officer conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle near the intersection of W. Center and W. Denver. After making contact with the driver, the officer asked Allen to step to the rear of of his vehicle, which he did. Dispatch then advised that the registered owner was showing to have warrants for his arrest. The officer then requested they confirm them. The officer then asked Allen if he could search his vehicle, which he consented. Nothing illegal was found during the search. Allen was then transported to SCADC without incident and booked on his warrants.

On 11/14/20 at approximately 7:30 p.m. a Greenwood officer stopped a Nissan Maxima on Liberty Drive for having a fictitious tag. The officer approached the driver side of the vehicle and stated the reason for the stop to the driver, Jerry Denham, 30 of Fort Smith. He stated that the vehicle was his moms and she had recently purchased the vehicle and the tags belonged to her other vehicle that had been involved in an accident. The officer asked for this driver license and paper work to the vehicle, and ran the information through dispatch. The officer was advised that he had an ID card only and that he had a confirmed warrant (#2020-WCF-1434379) for felony-FTA-$5,000. Denham was then placed under arrest and transported to the SCADC without incident.

On 11/11/20 at approximately 12:05 a.m. a Greenwood officer was on Ware Road, and ran an Arkansas military tag. The registered owner came back with a possible warrant out of Greenwood for failure to appear, $500 cash. The officer stopped the vehicle on AR Highway 96 and advised the driver, Timothy Johnston, 26 of Clarksville, of the reason for the stop. The officer asked for his drivers license, which he produced. His information returned as suspended with a confirmed warrant out of Greenwood. Johnston was placed under arrest and transported to the SCADC without incident.

On Thursday November 12, at approximately 4:00 a.m., a Greenwood officer observed a maroon Mitsubishi Eclipse traveling west on E. Center St. with no license plate to the rear of the vehicle. There was a second vehicle following behind, so the officer continued to follow until he had a safe area to maneuver around to initiate a traffic stop on the lead vehicle. After pulling onto Hwy 71 from Hwy 10 Spur, the officer began to position his vehicle in order to conduct a traffic stop on the Eclipse. The other vehicle stopped behind the patrol car. The officer made contact with them first. The driver stated he was following the other person to drop off the vehicle in Fort Smith, and was going to give her a ride back home. The officer told that driver to relocate his vehicle in front of both the patrol car and the stopped vehicle, and he complied. He then made contact with the driver of the Eclipse. After identifying himself, and informing her of the reason for the stop, the officer requested her driver’s license, bill of sale, and proof of insurance. The driver informed the officer that she did not have a license but provided an Arkansas ID. She stated she did not have insurance on the vehicle and could only provide a title to the vehicle. With this information the officer was able to identify her as April Nicole Robertson, 35 of Van Buren. The officer returned to his patrol car to check for any wants or warrants. The officer requested dispatch check for any local warrants due to his computer system being down. Dispatch advised she did not have any local warrants. The officer restarted the system and was able to get a return after scanning the ID. Robertson showed to have a warrant for parole violation. Sebastian County Dispatch advised she had a warrant out of Oklahoma that could not be confirmed at the time, and a warrant out of parole for a parole violation. After the warrant was confirmed, the officer made contact with Robertson and asked her to exit the vehicle where she was pat down for weapons. During the pat down, the officer felt an object in her jacket pocket. Not sure what the item was, he asked her, and she stated it was a weed pipe. The item was removed and after completing the pat down for weapons, she was placed into custody. While securing her in the rear of the patrol car the officer asked her if there was anything else illegal in the vehicle. She replied “yup.” He asked what else, and she informed him of a black bag inside her purse containing weed, and meth. Once she was secured, the officer returned to the driver of the second vehicle to have him leave the scene due to an officer safety concern while searching the vehicle. After the scene was safe, the officer conducted an inventory of the vehicle incident to arrest. During the inventory he located the black bag inside the subject’s purse, and inside he located a digital scale, (4) U-100 single use syringes, two small pieces of cotton with a crystal like substance, a small clear plastic baggy with 25 round light green pills with the imprint TEVA and 833 (clonazepam according to PILL ID), four clear plastic baggies with a green leafy substance (total weight 48. grams), and three small clear baggies containing a crystal like substance (total weight 6.1 grams) (suspected methamphetamines). All the items were collected to be processed into evidence per departmental policy. The smoking device, scale, cotton filters, and syringes were to be held as evidence at the Greenwood Police Department. The pills, crystal like substance (suspected methamphetamine), and green leafy substance (suspected marijuana) were packaged to be sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab to be processed for a drug analysis. Due to the amount of narcotics located and the individual packaging of the items, the officer contacted a DTF Agent to inform of his findings. The agent requested the officer transport Robertson to the Greenwood Police Department for further questioning. The officer witnessed the agent read her rights to her, and once she acknowledged she understood her rights, he began to ask her questions. Shortly into the interview she stated she did not want to answer any more questions and the interview was stopped. She was then placed back into custody and transported to the Sebastian County Detention Center. She was issued a citation (citation # 2A08445424) for driving on a suspended license, no liability insurance, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of schedule VI controlled substance with intent to deliver. Once at the Detention Center she was booked on the charges of parole violation, possession of drug paraphernalia both misdemeanor and felony, possession schedule VI controlled substance, possession of schedule IV controlled substance, and possession of schedule II controlled substance, all with the intent to deliver.

*The charges against those arrested are allegations and the cases are still pending in the courts.**

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