A Note of Gratitude

Greetings, and well wishes for this Thanksgiving eve! It is with great emotion I write this editorial. Some of our dearest friends and family will not be joining us around the table this year. Yet, we remain, and with a humble and grateful heart, we will continue on.

We have survived a pandemic, a time unlike I, nor my elders, have ever seen before. We survived a grueling election. To say it’s been a tough year would be an understatement. But, the hardships we’ve survived is not my focal point.

You’ve heard the sayings, “Flowers don’t bloom without a little rain,” “What’s a rose without its thorns,” or, my personal favorite, “In the valley I grow.” I think you could appropriately apply any of these to the year 2020.

The good news is, there is a mountain to the other side of that valley. The sun will shine after the rain, and the rose will bloom! Brighter days are ahead, I have faith!

Perhaps that feeling has settled into my soul, and I feel overcome with gratitude. Faith, family, friends, I am grateful, thankful for each one! Often times when I felt life slipping, witnessing an overwhelming amount of hate and bitterness across social media platforms, I had to refocus on my faith. I relied on my family, and true friends.

A story of a little girl who sold jelly to buy sick children Christmas gifts, and one man’s mission to aid the homeless…those stories renew my hope as symbols of all the things good and right in the world.

In closing, I am so thankful for you, our readers. As we close out 2020, and look to a new year, a new beginning, we will continue to renew and forge new friendships and trust year after year.

It is my prayer that you too find gratitude and peace this holiday! On behalf of every member of the Resident News staff, we wish you and yours a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

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Tammy Teague

Tammy Teague

Education: 1995 MHS graduate; 1999 Arkansas Tech University Graduate - BA in Journalism. Career: Managing Editor - The Citizen; Copy Writer - Southwest Times Record; Editor - Resident Press. 20+ years experience in the news.

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